The list of what is sold out and Gone on the Games Workshop webstore grows this week. Although the Last Chance to Buy section is quite small for Warhammer 40,000, there are quite a few Space Marine upgrades that are Sold Out and No Longer Available.

A huge thanks to Alex, who puts these together for us by scouring the Webstore
 List got bigger this time. A lot of Space Marine upgrades are going out it seems.

Adeptus Sororitas
Sisters of battle Dialogus

Blood Angels
Sons of Sanquinius Painting Guide

Space Marines
White Scars Shoulder Pads

Assault Squad Shoulder Pads

Techmarine with Power Axe

Space Marine Lightning Claws

Space Marine Thunder Hammers

Space Marine Battle Demi-Company

Space Wolves
Grey Hunter Shoulder Pads

Chaos Space Marines
Traitors of Chaos

Sorcerer with Force Staff and Plasma Pistol

Ork Painboy with Grot Orderly


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