Bolt Action from Warlord Games today has a new release; The Sherman V Troop which includes the Firefly Vc. Also for anyone interested in starting a Bolt Action army, Warlord Games has a %15 off on starter armies going on, including a free miniature for orders over $80

via Warlord Games
The Sherman V, a stalwart of British tankers – as the preparations for D-Day built in intensity new equipment was pushed to the front-line troops and today we can proudly present the Sherman V troop including the new plastic Firefly Vc!
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This plastic set includes a troop of 2 Sherman V and 1 of the superb new Sherman Vc ‘Firefly’

By using rules from the Tank War supplement you can field this troop alongside a regular reinforced platoon simply by designating one as your command vehicle and paying +25 pts for the Command vehicle special rule. Remember to keep it secret from your opponent though till the end of the game so he can’t be picked off!

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