There is a good QnA session going on over on Bolter and Chainsword with Dariokan leading the charge since he has the book in hand.

Here is just the start of it, and by now there is a lot more questions and answers.

via Dariokan on Bolter and Chainsword
Hello Gary,
Once again, Q&A for the new supplement is going on here:

Can we get the stats of the Stormhawk, please?
If both players have Flyers in reserve, do they both get mods to the reserve rolls (i.e. they essentially cancel each other out)?
Stormhawk is 3 meltabombs more than a Stormtalon. It comes stock TL HB, TL HC, a Laser Claw (which is basically a 2 shots Lascannon) which can be traded for an Icarus Storm canon for free. Skyhammer and Typhoon can replace the TL HB for the usual price.
Same statline as a Talon with +1 front AV. Get a bonus to agility and pursuit in case of dogfight.

 During a dogfight, can a Bomber or Attack flyer fire at other Flyers with full BS, or are they snap-firing there too?
No, only if one player has flyers he gets the superiority bonus.

When does the Dogfight occur exactly?
Dogfight occurs at the begining of each turn.

Blood Angels have their own section and their own Appendix. I would like to know why/how the BA Stormraven in this book differs from a regular Codex Space Marines one and what the BA Appendix entails. There's an entire sub-section of the B&C that would greatly appreciate this and sends their thanks in advance!

No just kidding. There isn't the slightest difference between the entries. Not the slightest.

This is kind of a different question but do you know if the Storm Hawk is mentioned as being a valid replacement in any existing Formations? IE: Stormwing, Raptorwing?

Nope. There is a new formation with the Stormhawk in it, the Strike Wing, but appart from that nothing. After all the Stormhawk has a very specific role compared to other flyers.

Thank you for your prompt reply! I assume the Appendix is just saying what the weapons are, etc?

Furthermore, would you kind enough to disclose what role the BA (or any for that matter) Stormraven is supposed to be and what that role means please?
It is assault. Basically it means it shots faster than bomber but slower than fighter in the dogfight phase, plus it get snap shot during dog fight more often than the fighter.

Appart from that, based on the flying formation you choose, each type of craft has a different bonus (given the huge number of combinations possible, I won't list them here).

But don't worry, my Blood Angel brother, you are still a special snowflake: you have your very own Squadron Leader table !

A final, unrelated question if I may; are you aware of any difference between the Fighter Ace tables in this book and those published in Shield of Baal: Leviathan (which previously updated the old DftS book rules)?
After a thorough comparison, the Marine table is awesome, the BA is sub-part in my opinion.

Anyway, I think (not sure) there is no more fighter ace table as an upgrade. Now it's a campaign reward (5 victories required, one victory is killing a flyer or FMC). Instead there are those squad leader tables. (3 choices for each faction, rolled like a Warlord trait). I do not own SoB.

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