This week is a couple of Age of Sigmar models that are being reported as coming this week. I have not yet seen anything absolute on them yet, but I am sure we will be seeing the entire lists soon. (I hope).

There is an image also up showing the Knight-Heraldor that you can see by following the link.

via Larry Vela on Bols
Age of Sigmar:
This week’s new products are being reported by retailers as:

Knight-Vexillor $30
A multipart plastic clampack
40mm round base
Meteoric Standard or Pennant of the Stormbringer
Standardbearer and Hero of the Stormcast Eternals

Knight-Heraldor $25
A multipart plastic clampack
40mm round base
Broadsword and Horn
Musician and hero of the Stormcast Eternals

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