Forgeworld Amsterdam Open Day concluded with some new information that includes highlights like the Dark Mechanicum, the next Horus Heresy Book and more. There is a lot of cool things in here, like Daemon Primarchs models getting done.

Here is a report from Revan88
Just like last year, here are some pics from the FW Amsterdam Open Day.

I've had a lengthy chat with Andy Hoare, Simon Egan and Mark Bedford. Unfortunately Alan Bligh couldn't make it this year.

The following is in the pipeline:

Expect the Mechanicum Ordinatus to be out within the next 4-5 weeks. Two different guns can be mounted on the chassis as per the weapon profiles in the book.

Iron Warriors Tyrant Siege terminators are due. Currently still WIP.

Next book will focus on the Shattered Legions and likely Signus Prime (Blood Angels) and Dark Angels.

A new Cerastus Knight is currently being done, and expect more Solar Auxilia to arrive.

Simon Egan talked about the future of the primarchs. After all 18 are done, daemon primarchs are likely, as well as "alternative armour" primarchs. No word on the Emperor yet.

Slowly but surely, the first Space Wolves and Thousand Sons are being rolled out as prototypes, but these are in a very, very early stage.

Dark Mechanicum will appear soon. Mostly rules, not so much for models (though some Daemon Engines WILL show up), though Mark Bedford has been sketching an awful lot of them lately (and he was willing to show us).

Horus Heresy Book VI is named 'Retaliation' apparently.

Andy Hoare was very, very secretive about a next Imperial Armour book, though he stated that Tau are likely to be in there (due to the large suits and the "Tau Titan"), as well as "an army many of us want to play in regular 40k". This might be Mechanicum support, but who knows.

Ta'unar Supremacy Suit aka Tau Titan will see different guns, just check the instruction leaflet!

All in all I've had a very nice chat with the lads, especially later during the afternoon when most of the visitors returned home again. Will definitely go there next year!


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