Games Workshop is testing a "rebranding" of its stores, by changing the name and look of its shops. Three stores in the UK are testing this out, those in Edinburgh, Chiswick, and Bath. For now this is only a test to see what it does, but could very well one day transfer over to all the store locations, especially any new shops that are being opened.

Here is what Games Workshop is saying about this.

via Games Workshop: Edinburgh on Facebook
Ok so I see that the web is asking a lot of questions due to the "Warhammer" rebranding we have done, so let me explain.

After almost 26 years here in Edinburgh we have changed the name on the front of the shop.

Nothing else changes, everything we did we will keep doing! Just the name changes.

I'm hopeful that most of you will agree it makes sense, we get called "The Warhammer Shop" ALL THE TIME, so we are joining in!

Its only a trial to see if it makes any difference to us, and its only being done in 3 shops, here, Chiswick and Bath, if we feel like it works it MAY get rolled out one day...but don't expect to see it anywhere else for a long there you go, goodbye Games Workshop Edinburgh...Hello The Warhammer Shop!
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