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Hi Natfka
It is me again.
I am having to raid some of my old projects at the moment as I a busy boy so don’t have time to get creative at the moment.

This is a Tau defence line I made, I did intend to get one 3D printed but that would cost £65 so the £1 pot noodle defence line was the way to go
(a pot noodle is a cheap and quick UK food you add hot water to.) I will confess I had to use 2 pots but I felt my budget could stretch to it.

Again I did this during my lunch breaks  for the most part and then took home to add the details and paint. Might do another one but with more raised shields in the middle of the long wall sections.

Most of it was cut just using some good scissors but I did use a scalpel and a small metal ruler to mark measurements as pen dose not last long on there.
The tall wall sections are layered with extra bits cut to size and added on to the front as they were quite flat and boring otherwise. The long wall sections had that ribbed section on there so I just cut them to size.

I then simply measured out a bit of cardboard base and glued them to it, add some sand and a few bit of cut up plastic and some bit from the bits box and you are ready to paint.

The coms table was made from green stuff I pushed into a cast of a McDonald happy meal toy using Oyumaru (kids would not let me keep the original lol). and then made a cast of the lower half of  a gun drone so I had something more solid to stick the flying base into.

Painting was very simple with just grey paint job and then a wash of watered down black paint followed by simple highlights for the most part.

Hope this inspires you chaps do give it a go your self

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