Its a big week for Warhammer 40k with a release of two codexes; Grey Knights and the Thousand Sons. To top it off there is a full boxset of miniatures that is coming alongside, Hexfire.

You can find some more images at WarCom.


29 miniatures – the brand-new Infernal Master, five Scarab Occult Terminators, 10 Tzaangors (complete with upgrade sprues) and a Tzaangor Shaman for the Thousand Sons, and a fresh incarnation of the legendary Castellan Crowe, 10 Grey Knights Purifiers (which can also be built as a Strike Squad, Interceptor Squad, or Purgation Squad), and a hulking Nemesis Dreadknight for the Grey Knights. 

Two Codexes: Grey Knights and Thousand Sons

Some Bloodbowl: Shambling Undead Team

From Forgeworld: Reinforcements have arrived for your Garrison of Dale army in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

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