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What's On Your Table: Indomitus

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While the lineup is short now, all submissions are presented in the order they are received.

I got my copy of Indomitus 8 days ago, and they are now all ready to take to battle (minus the transfers, but I hate doing transfers and that will be a slow process, force at a time.....)
Now, I am fully aware I am not a good painter, but I am quick, which is an advantage when you spam mini 1000 point forces as I am wont...... :)

- Boothy

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  1. A force of 3 plus different chapters? Thats pretty fitting for the Indomitus Crusade. Where is the captain though and what chapter are you playing them as?

    1. Dark Angels, Wolves and Blood angels.
      I have 1000ish points of all the forces that have their own codex, plus the boys in blue.
      I've taken the start of 9th to finally accept the future direction, and sent my manlet marines to the great eBay in the sky, and go full nu marines (and I hate the size of little marine, mixed armies look a bit silly...... Although I have kept the Death company and Sangunary Guard - too good to loose)

  2. Errr... well I got one space marine half of the box built. Fair play for getting these done so quickly