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Contents of the Mystery Boxes Revealed!!!

Remember these from earlier? Lets see if they were worth all the headache of selling out before people even received or had a chance to see that these were available.

These are most likely things that were sitting on the shelves and they needed room somewhere. We are assuming of course that the contents were all the same.

Recall they were £75

The content of the 40K box has been revealed (box received in Italy):
- Sallies Adrax Agatone
- DA Master Lazarus
- BA Mephiston
- SoB Arco-flagellants
- WS Korsarro Khan
- SW Fenrisian Wolves
- SM Bikes

The other boxset has the following (wow, this one is bad)
-Godsworn Hunt
-Champions of Dreadfane
-Primal Lair
-Carry Case

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  1. I'm so happy, that I was too slow... too many marines in the Imperium box.

  2. Eh, random stuff with no real army theme, no thanks

  3. The contents should not be all the same. The WarCom post said that content will depend on where you are in the world...

    And, I dunno, the contents are actually kinda good. Adrax, Mephiston, Arco-Flaggelants, Khan are all brand new models. Doesn't look like it was purely getting rid of old stuff. Just a little dumb that they can't be used in the same force, although mostly from the same main faction...

  4. Oof. Deckbox and Counters making up part of the value for Underworlds, huh..?

    That's rather.. unfortunate.. when you expect the whole thing to be models, terrain & the like.

    1. Well, Underworlds isn't a miniatures game. It's a deck-building game.

  5. I'm assuming the oz underworld must differ, as it is under the supposed total (450 aud):

    -Godsworn Hunt:55
    -Champions of Dreadfane:96
    -Primal Lair:55
    -Carry Case:90
    Total 375

    1. The Underworlds box was about 20% cheaper. Also, different region, different content.

  6. never been able to get on board with this kind of box. give us a set amount of money and we'll send you random stuff you may or may not want. even the art supply boxes like this are like, nah im good. I want to know what im getting for my money.It seems like a fun concpet but i'm just too much of a control freak to submit. lol.

  7. Colour me surprised, the only one who got everything they wanted was the houseūüėí

  8. Pretty derpy. Miniatures just aren't a thing that works well in "booster packs" where you don't know what you're getting. That's why HeroClix sucks and Monsterpocalypse failed the first time.