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I'm glad to share that I’ve recently completed my own imperial knight army, I called them “Household Noctis” like the forgotten binary planetary system in which household reside, far away in Segmentum Pacificus, near to Halo star borderline, founded millennia ago by a “jolly cooperation” between Mars and Metalica (this is my personal fictional lore for them).

Color scheme is mainly mat black and silver, with some dark gold and copper add.

All knight mins are magnetized and all weapons and body are fully interchangeable.

Army consist in 1 Cerastus Atrapos knight, 1 Questoris Styrix, 1 Questoris Magaera Knight, 1 Dominus Castellan Knight and 1 Standard Crusader/Paladin/Whatever I want Questoris knight.

If you want see more variants and miniature from WH fantasy and D&D take a look here: https://www.instagram.com/max_steel_90/

(PS: I’m only a self-taught hobbyist, not a Pro)

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