A new display of a Mighty dual  between Thorin Oakenshield and Azrog is up for pre-orders today from Forgeworld! This is a pretty cool miniature and would be a great collectible for fans of the game and books.

New From Forgeworld 
Thorin Oakenshield™ & Azog™ £35

via Forgeworld
Both models can be removed from the scenic base for use in your games of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, and each has the option of being assembled with an alternative weapon – a mace for Azog and a sword for Thorin.

Rules for both Thorin Oakenshield and Azog can be found in the Armies of The Hobbit™ sourcebook.

This kit is supplied in 12 resin components – five parts making up Azog, five to construct Thorin Oakenshield and two for the scenic base. It also includes 2 25mm round bases and a 90mm oval base. The kit is supplied in a Middle-earth Character Series presentation box.

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