There is a new scenery piece in the Urban Conquest boxset that has a unique story to it. I had read this the other day on the Faeit 212 BlogExchange over on 40k addict. Yesterday Dave shot us over here on Faeit 212 an email with some details on just how this sewer vent came to be.

Its a good story, with the pics and additional details over on Dave's website.

Letter sent in from Dave Weston of

Hey Natfka, just a little interesting back story on one of the bits of terrain in the new Urban Conquest supplement. Last year I drew attention to a certain piece of terrain that GW has been using for years, a piece of terrain I subsequently named Brian the Sewer Vent. 

It somehow tickled the guys in the Warhammer 40k Community Team and they indulged my fascination with numerous pics of Brian going about his daily routine at Warhammer World. Since then I even got to meet this terrain 'perpetual' in person, again thanks to the awesome Community team. 

It was at that meeting I discovered its background and some of its history. What I was not prepared for was the new Urban Conquest supplement which features a 'Sewer vent' of very similar lineage, if not dimensions. And it was subsequently confirmed that the original father of Brian - Dave Andrews created it because of the love felt by those who had followed his revelations on Facebook ( and my own love of this terrain piece

You can see my own blog post on it here, if you need any more details but it's amazing to see GW do this, how many people can claim to have inspired the creation of a Citadel Miniature? 

All the best 


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