There has been quite a bit of confusion with the Genestealer Cult rumors. So yes the Blip system is considered to be really a part of the codex, even though a fake set of rumors took them and tried to expand upon them.

So take these are trustworthy rumors, but as always..... these were taken from word of mouth and may not be as precise or as accurate as we will find out hopefully next week with GW previews.

These came from Zamerion and others that were actually at the Open Day event.

  • We'll have a weird "blip" system for deployment, like motion detector marks, where we can choose which is what unit when we reveal them (not necessarily on the first turn). 
  • The map guy allows us to move these markers. 
  • The new ambush rules... complete overhaul. Blip markers and stuff. 
  • If you have first turn you can decide your layout after deployment, if it’s your opponents turn first you just leave a lot of them as blip markers. You get the markers with the codex. There’s a deep strike blocking bloke. The Nexos lets you move the blip markers around. Sounds fundamentally different in almost every way.
  • The scenery causes earthquakes and can redeploy your troops anywhere. 
  • Couple more minor things: the units marked by a blip are not subject to moving with heavy weapons penalties when they appear. 

Ive seen this added to Zamerions rumors on some sites, but Im not certain of where it is from.
  • The [special edition] codex comes with blip markers

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