New Chaos Adversaries are coming to your Warhammer Quest game.

Coming Soon: New Foes for Your Quest

Warhammer Quest is about to get even better. Whether you’ve conquered the Silver Tower countless times or you’re a mere tourist in Hammerhal, you’ll want to check out the new Chaos Adversaries cards, available to pre-order next week.

If you’ve not tried it yet, Warhammer Quest is a game for 2-5 players that allows you to pick your favourite hero and undertake epic adventures in the Mortal Realms; from the twisting labyrinth of the Silver Tower to the mysterious threats that gather beneath Hammerhal. With tons of enemies, encounters and scope for expansion, no two games of Warhammer Quest need be the same.

The Chaos Adversaries cards are great for both existing Warhammer Quest players and Warhammer Age of Sigmar players looking for more ways to use their models. You’ll be able to add 41 new adversaries to your games, from terrifying Tzaangor Skyfires to packs of chittering Nurglings.

There’s great potential for those Game Masters who like designing their own campaigns, too, particularly when combined with the extra heroes from the Warhammer Quest App; perhaps you could write a campaign where a coven of Chaos Sorcerers attempt to bring down the citadel of a wizard-hating Deathbringer, or a mighty warband of orruks attempt to raid a vicious nest of skaven for a particularly valuable artefact (or maybe they just fancied smashing up some rats with their mates).

The Chaos Adversary cards are available next week to pre-order, while both Silver Tower and Shadows over Hammerhal are available right now online and in your local store – get your copy today, and get ready for hours of adventure in the Mortal Realms.

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