Some additional information is here, giving us a look at Necrons, Orks, Tau, and more details regarding the TC and just how to build your Land Raider using the Chapter Approved rules.

Please regard these as rumors until we get verified information from the Warhammer Community or other leaked images.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212

Warlord Trait- Reduce damage inflicted on your Warlord by 1 with a minimum of 1. 
Relic- 1 time per battle at the end of movement phase, remove the bearer of the relic and one unit within 3" and set them up anywhere on the battlefield out side of 9" away from enemy models
1. 2CP a Canoptek unit at the beginning of your turn gains Reanimation protocols until end of turn
2. 2CP re-roll reanimation protocol rolls of 1 this turn.

Warlord Trait- Add 1 to characters strength
Relic- Range and Type: Melee S: +2, AP2, D3 Wound rolls of 6+ inflict D3 mortal wounds instead of normal damage
1. 1CP 2 infantry units within 2" of each other and one contains more than 10 models and the other less than 10 models, you may combine them into a single unit for the rest of the game at the end of the movement phase
2. 1 CP select an Ork infantry or Biker unit before they shoot, each to hit roll of a 6+ gets to immediately shoot again. extra attacks cannot generate additional shots.

Warlord Traits
1. re-roll failed to hit rolls if they have if they have not moved this turn
2. the Warlord can advance and shoot  as if it had not moved
Relic- 1 time per game, you may re-roll a single hit roll, wound roll, or damage roll for the bearer or a unit within 6". Also each time a stratagem is used by opponent, roll a d6 and if a 6 is rolled, gain 1CP
Stratagem- use when an enemy unit is hit by a marker light, gain d3+1 markerlight counters next to the unit.

Building the Land Raider: use the following steps
1. Primary Sponson  Weapons determine Transport Capacity
two twin lascannons  10
two hurricane bolters 16
two flamestorm cannons 10

2. Secondary Sponson Weapons
two lascannons -5TC
two heavy bolters -5TC
two flamers -5TC
none -0TC

3. Hull Mounted Weapons
twin lascannon -5TC
twin heavy bolters -0TC
twin assault cannon -0TC
twin helfrost cannon -0TC
reaper autocannon -0TC

4. Wargear. do not effect TC
Imperium hunter killer, storm bolter, or multi-melta
Chaos combi bolter, combi flamer, combi melta, combi plasma

5. Determine final transport capacity

6. List abilities
All have the explodes and smoke launchers abilities
Imperium: power of machine spirit
Chaos: daemonic machine spirit ability
Land Raiders with 3 twin lascannons and or 2 lascannons have power overlord ability
Land Raiders with neither lascannons or twin lascannons can have frag assault launchers

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