These are just a few of the things that you will encounter in the Genesys Project during the 2nd Age. Each Age of the Genesys Project brings with it perils;

  • Humanoids must carefully weigh technological advancements with the looming threat of pushing past the limits of their race into the apocalypse. 
  • The Fey must deal with the Ether Bleeding into reality and the very real possibility of losing their immortality forever.
  • The Reptilia gain tremendous advantages during the second age, but are faced with mass extinction.

The Genesys Project is more than just a totally customizable tabletop miniature game. Its a narrative, that you are in control of with huge benefits and systemic ordeals that you will overcome. 

In the Genesys Project you create your own faction (and go as deep or as simple as you want), even creating your own spells like powers and weapons. Even heroes are created through gameplay. 

Once made, you take your faction through games that advance your armies through the ages of the gameplay from an early fantasy-like game, through modern, and into the far future.

Very soon..... the 2nd Age Reptilia will be released to the Open Beta that is currently going on. Join us, give us feedback, and better yet..... Select the abilities of your force to play your army the way you want. Literally the game has thousands of combinations of abilities, traits, and ways to build your army. 

Join the open beta here, you can do so for free by registering to get your free product key. We will be doing walk throughs and revealing more details about the upcoming Reptilia 2nd Age release. 

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