Today we are getting hints and teases directly from the new novel ‘Black Legion’, the second volume in Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s latest.

excerpts via Warhammer Community

Black Legion: Hints, Teases and Ruminations

“The Gods hate us. I truly believe this.”
Chaos is emotion given form, and hate is among the most powerful and primal of emotions. Do the Dark Gods – creatures of great power but no real will – hate those with the freedom to make their own choices?

The novel’s narrator, Iskandor Khayon, suggests that the Gods hate Abaddon most of all because he chooses not to serve any of them, and instead to try to bend their power to his own will. 

“I remember every man, woman and child whose mind I touched, whose body I puppeteered, whose flesh I gouged out hollow as a haven for a daemonic parasite, purely because of what I am. A legionary’s brain is sculpted to retain everything from the moment of his awakening as a Space Marine to the second of his demise.”

to the Black Legion, the name Horus represents something far worse. Failure. Horus is seen, as the quotation above suggests, as a deluded fool who thought he could unite the entire Imperium beneath him and topple a god through open war. Abaddon’s plan, this suggests, is something far greater and more subtle… and long term. Not just a war. A Long War.

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