A new look at the upcoming Norsca faction for Total War Warhammer.

via Total War Youtube

While the bitter climate may never be tamed, the Norscans have brought many of the peninsula's most ferocious monsters to heel.

➤For more information for Total War™: WARHAMMER® II visit our steam page - https://goo.gl/Mdvt6H

➤Norsca Race Pack is free as an Early Adopter bonus when pre-ordering Total War™: WARHAMMER® II - https://goo.gl/waZuX1

Early Adopter Bonus is available from SEGA approved retailers only; please check in-store for physical retailers or here http://www.sega.com/sega-approved-par... for an exhaustive list of digital retailers and more details as to what constitutes a SEGA approved retailer. 

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