The first week ended with the Imperium holding Astaramas against Chaos. Although reported as a close victory, I had not seen Chaos actually jump ahead, so its hold on the planet must of been brief. Hopefully with the coming of the new codex next weekend, Chaos can make a comeback.

If you have not yet been to the site, its worth checking out with real time updates for reported battles.

via the Fate of Konor official website and Warhammer Community

This Week's Mission via Warhammer Community

This Week’s Mission
Bolstered by their victory on Astaramis, the Imperials take the fight to the Chaos invaders on Konor. It now falls to the most veteran and well equipped amongst them to drive back the hated foe. The fighting on Konor has been fierce, yet through the valour and determination of those tasked with defending the system’s capital planet, the Imperium’s forces have thus far endured. Elite warriors and armoured walkers now scour the ruined industrial districts for pockets of surviving invaders even as stealth units encircle them and close in for the kill.

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