New Pre-Orders from Forgeworld this morning.

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Legion Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank £79

40k Rules

Horus Heresy Rules

This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Legion Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank. Sharing much of its details with the more common Sicaran Battle Tank, based as it is on the same chassis, this pattern is differentiated by the dual rotary missile launchers that adorn the turret. These are supplied with ammunition by dual curved missile feeds, with a sensor array at the front of the turret providing vital targeting data for the onslaught of explosives. Included are a wealth of other armaments with 2 heavy bolters and 2 lascannon on the sponsons, featuring targeters, ammo drums and shields, and heavy bolter mounted on the hull to the left of the hull’s hatch.

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