Those of you following the Genesys Project have seen a lot of customization for your armies, but one thing we have talked very little about is how to arm your vehicles, and what they can be equipped with. In fact just about any weapon can be mounted to your vehicles, as long as your faction has access to it somewhere. This opens up a lot of fun vehicle designs.

However, there are a few limitations in vehicle design, including the strength of the weapon mounted to the vehicle.
  1. A Weapon's strength that is less than the vehicles Hull (toughness (armor not included) can be fired on the move up to x2 movement. This weapon may be placed on a turret
  2. A Weapon's strength that is 1 or 2 higher than the toughness of the vehicle considers the weapon to be a heavy weapon, and the vehicle can only move its movement x1 and still fire it. These weapon's can also be placed on a turret. 
  3. A weapon's strength that is 3 or 4 higher than the hull (toughness of the vehicle), requires the vehicle to be stationary to fire and must be a fixed weapon mount.
Now you may think that is a lot to figure out, but this rule applies across the board for ranged weapons, including for ground troops with a few minor additional rules for large stationary weapons requiring additional models to help work the weapon. It also allows for Giants or large creatures to turn a normal heavy weapon into one they can move and fire.

It's also worth mentioning that you can reinforce the design of your vehicle, increasing it's Hull, or even advanced upgrades like Heavy Mounting, allowing you to fit bigger weapons on your vehicles.

Creating and customizing your own vehicles are just one of the fun things to do in the Genesys Project

Join the Open Beta here, and learn more about what the Genesys Project is all about.

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