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The original Traitor Legions aren’t the only Chaos Space Marines in the galaxy, and the last ten millennia have seen thousands of Space Marines betray the Emperor and fight against the Imperium. Some of these Renegade Chapters have become feared names in their own right, from the Red Corsairs to the Crimson Slaughter. Meanwhile, Chaos armies of all stripes often seek aid from shadowy allies, whether it’s the other Legions, the mysterious Fallen or, for the most influential, the legendary Fabius Bile. Today, we’re looking at using Renegades in your games and how every army can make use of allies

The Trait:
In the new Chaos Space Marines codex, Renegade Chapters are represented by a single, powerful Legion Trait:

Dark Raiders means that Renegades are able to close the gap on opponents quickly, and is perfect for an assault army. 
Best Units
One of the best units for the Renegades is Chaos Bikers; these models always advance 6″ and so have a huge threat range on the battlefield. As an assault unit that can effectively move 20″, each bike has the potential to reach targets as far as 32″ away, making a first-turn charge against an unprepared player very possible. Chaos Bikers can be equipped for a range of duties, and with 2 Wounds and Toughness 5, they’re durable too.
Combat characters like a Chaos Lord with a jump pack are great in an assault-based Renegades army like the Crimson Slaughter. With seven non-Legion-specific Artefacts to choose from, you’ll be able to build a range of deadly characters. The Murder Sword, for instance, allows a Chaos Lord to chase down and reliably kill lesser characters by dealing loads of mortal wounds.
If you’re playing a Renegades army, choosing the Red Corsairs allows you to field Huron Blackheart, one of the most versatile characters in Warhammer 40,000. Coming in at only a few more points than a regular Chaos Lord, Huron Blackheart is a decent close combat character, can provide valuable psychic support to your army, and even provides an additional Command Point for your Stratagems. In smaller games, he’s a highly efficient choice for any Renegades army. 
Fallen, Fabius Bile, and Allies
As with the Space Marine Chapters, Legion Traits are awarded by Detachment. This means you’re free to add other forces of Chaos to assist your Legion, whether you’re taking support from Renegades or a pack of Daemons. If you’re feeling particularly clever, you could take Detachments from Legions based on role – perhaps three units of Havocs and a Sorcerer from the Alpha Legion, and three units of Berzerkers and a Chaos Lord from the World Eaters. As well as using the Detachment system, every Chaos Space Marines army can include Fabius Bile or any Fallen units in their army without losing their Legion Trait.
Fallen are a strong choice for a range of armies – both for the Imperium and for Chaos! If you want to include Cypher or his followers in your Imperial forces, you can do so, thanks to the Imperium keyword. In a Chaos force, Cypher and the Fallen are a great source of accurate firepower, and they’re particularly handy packing plasma weapons thanks to their ability to re-roll 1s to hit.

 Fabius Bile is a powerful addition to any infantry based Chaos Space Marines army thanks to his Enhanced Warriors ability.

Unlike in previous editions, this works on all Chaos Space Marine Infantry, and so, with a lucky roll, you could be looking at Toughness 6 Plague Marines or Berzerkers with 3 base Attacks.

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