By now you know that the Genesys Project is about total customization of your Armies, equipment, and abilities. When we did this for the Humanoids, there were many new factions created that were simply fantastic, and the variety was just stunning.

So now that the Fey Create a Faction Contest is up and running, how do you get into creating your first Faction. Here are some easy steps to follow.

First off, here is a link to the races of the Humanoid Create a Faction Contest

To create a Fey Race lets start with the basics. Register to get your Open Beta Product Key for the Fey. You will need two books for the Fey: The Core Rules v2.8 and The Fey Apocryphōrum v2.8.

If you already are registered, check your email, as with every newsletter you product key is listed right there on it for your convenience.

The Fey Apocryphōrum contains the rules for making your faction
The Core Rules has listed all the Abilities and what they do.
The Humanoid Primarius has the rules for Humanoid Factions... but you dont really need this for now.

Once you have both pdfs. Simply open your Fey book to section 2.9.

This gives you your starting characteristics for the Fey and sets you up for your first real hard choice, selecting which path to follow. Your faction will either follow the Path of Light, Darkness, or the shadows of Twilight. Once chosen, you will be given a set of Mandatory Traits to follow when creating your faction based on which path your choose.

Now the fun part. Its time to build your Faction and select its abilities and powers through the traits you select. Each trait comes with a point cost. So once you have selected your traits, you know how much each model will cost in points. Each ability granted by the traits are detailed out at the end of the Core Rule Book.

Yes, its that simple to create your Fey Species. However, the story is not done there. We have created your base species, but fielding these guys in battle would be very bland, and no every member of your faction is the exact the same.

Now its time to create your Unit Classes. Unit Classes add new traits and powers on top of your base faction to give each class its own strengths.

There are three primary classes for the fey, and then a group of sub-classes that can be used. Remember your Characteristics? These help determine (along with other traits) just how many different classes your faction will have.

So to start, we would create our first class with a Disciple Class. For this you simply go and see what
Disciples get. While we are at it, lets look at the Archlords and Paragons Classes. Again, any traits added to your classes adds to the point cost of each model.

Now we only have sub-classes left, and from them you have quite the bit of options.
There are 5 options and they are built similar to the main unit classes. Here are your options.

Animated Dead: Obviously animated dead for the Sphere of Death
Fey Minions (Lesser and Greater). Built off your base Faction traits dedicated to a single sphere
Fey Incarnates (Lesser and Greater). Built off another class and dedicated only to a single sphere
The Devout: An Elite class dedicated to the paragon with access to greater and group traits
Fey Beasts: Mounts, Beasts, and Monsters your faction use.

Next... simply double check you have what you want for your faction, record and submit it at the link below. You can use the species design sheets we used for the Humanoids. (yes they still need updating) Species Design Sheet  Unit Class Design Sheet

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