Quite some time ago now, I attended a couple of these, and let me tell you... They were amazing events. Now they are ran by Wargamer Girl and certain to be an amazing time. Not quite certain what this is?....

A full on 6 day Gaming Retreat! Fully catered and nothing short of amazing. I highly suggest that you put this on your bucket list, or better yet, sign up this year!!! Even though I am not on scheduled this year to go, be certain I am jealous of any of you that are going.

This is a must do event, and tickets for this are being done on Kickstarter as a method to lock down your event.

Go here for more information and to get your tickets.

Info from the kickstarter listing from Warhammer Girl
About this project
- Valhalla -
noun | Val·hal·la | \val-ˈha-lə also väl-ˈhä-\

1 : the great hall in Norse mythology where heroes slain in battle are received
2 : a place of honor, glory, or happiness : heaven

This retreat is appropriately named in celebration of our favorite pastime, tabletop wargaming!

The event runs from October 7th to October 12, 2017.

Valhalla is a 6 day gaming retreat in the beautiful Utah mountains. You will stay at a luxurious mansion sized cabin in Heber Canyon equipped with a pool, hot tub, sauna, gaming room, entertainment room, and full time chef.

This is NOT a wargaming convention, Valhalla is a wargamer's retreat!

Each pledge level is for a ticket to this event. Pre-sale is required to ensure Valhalla can happen.

The gaming hall is open 24 hours so you can game to your heart's content. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided so there is no need to leave the lodge if you do not want to.

Here is our tentative special guest list, which is subject to change.

  • Miniwargamng
  • Owen (Gaming with the Cooler)
  • CodexDan
  • Atom from Tabletop Minions
  • Wargamer Girl (seems silly to say but I will be there to play games with everyone)
  • More to come

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