The latest issue of the Golden D6 is out, and Adam who is the bossman of this "dedicated to the hobbyist" online magazine has sent us a special deal to pick up past issues.

If your new to the Golden D6, this is a true hobby magazine for us, the hobbyist. Great tutorials and ideas you may want to hold onto. This is my go to place for ideas on creating terrain, painting, and more.

from Adam to Faeit 212 Readers
The release of Issue Eleven means I can create a new bundle (issues six through ten) and the new MEGA BUNDLE of all ten issues.

This is great for you because now your readers can catch up on everything they've been missing. 
And for your audience, there's a coupon code as well. Tell everyone that they can put in the code: faeit212

to get 25% off the Golden D6 Bundle 1, 2 and the Mega Bundle!!

Sneak previews of Issues 11!

Faeit 212 Community News

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