Over on Heresy 30k there is a full question and answer session going on, that has quite a bit of information on the latest Forgeworld book Mechanicum Taghmata. There is a lot of information here, but there is a lot more going on over at Heresy 30k. So definitely log in there and check out updates at the link below.

via Garro on Heresy 30k
This is only the original post from Garro. He is answering questions as well on the book, and for more details you should head over to Heresy 30k

Mechanicum taghmata updates are listed below, haven't done the legio cybernetica/ordo reductor changes as they're covered in the other existing thread, but i might copy them over of completions sake.

book starts with the usual 'how to use this book' and the age of darkness army building rules. these are the same as in books 4 and 5. with the following except.

'using Imperial armour and other 40k units'
emphasises that ONLY units with no 30k counterpart (regardless of faction) can be taken with this rule.
BS4 and blessed autosimulacra for 20pts instead of 'marine crew'.

rite of celerity is modifier: none rather than +1
rite of eternity is 'regains 1 wound' rather than IWND
rite of fury is +2 attacks rather than +d3
rite of destruction is -1 not -2 modifier
rite of dread castigation now confers 'corrosive paradox' onto the caster during a mishap, target suffers no damage

magos prime
ordinator has armourbane instead of 'tank hunter'
rad/irad cleanser and photon truster added to 'small guns' list alongside addition of 'rad furance'

magos dominus
+10pts base cost
gains +5 FNP as base rule
gains 'patris cybernetica' which allows him to join monsterous creatures units that have a cybernetica cortex, but he may not go to ground, and enemy shooting attacks may choose to ignore him as being the closest model (no more tanking wounds)
gains an addition weapon slot of 'small guns',same list at prime (meltagun etc) rad cleasner is here now, allowing FW model to be used as standard (cleanser and servo arm) doesn't have rad furance though.

Archmagos draykavac
liquidfractor rules against vehicles simplified, same for toughness values, but for armour values, simply half the armour value (rounding up) and take that off

archmagos inar satarael
+10pts base
doesn't have power axe anymore, but is monsterous creature so is still ap2
gains cybertheurgy and +5 FNP

magos reductor calleb decima
gains the 'walker in ruin' rule from the ordo reductor special rules, basically ignores pinning when caused by enemy attacks, and ignores effects of certain terrain
may take a single squad of scyallax or a tech-priest auxilia as a retuine forming a squad with them.
Additonal upgrade called 'deima invitcus' 40pts and gives him the following, eternal warrior, relentless, hatred (traitors), becomes a 'archmagos' and must always be the warlord.
Isstvan 3 mini army list is updated, is optional.
-him and magos reductor as HQ,
-tech priests and mrymidion secutors as elites,
-thallax as troops,
-avenger strike fighter as fast attacks
-krios, OR artillery battery, myrmidion destructors and 0-1 HS from legiones astartes as heavy support
-any lords of war

tech-preist auxilia, domitars and sectuors
no change

adescularis covenant
rewording of induction chargers to clearly include mitrilocks and laslocks
may take a triaros as dedicated transport
heavy chainblade is now a thing, its str+2 AP4 melee, two-handed. so that's basically AP being improved by 1

thallax cohort
reintroduction of ferrox upgrade (rending in CC and rage USR), may not upgrade lightning guns

+20pts base

may take a triaros as dedicatred transport
gains option to replace bolter with 'enhanced array' which is +1 attack

fast attack
ursarx cohort
+20pts base, +5pts for each additional

tarantula sentry gun battery
anima override special rule, if model with 'battlesmith' is within 6” at the start of the turn, then they may ignore 'firing modes' rule
new options, TL mauler bolt cannon, TL volkite culverin, TL photon thurster, quad gun
gains drop capusle upgrade giving deep strike

vorax battle-automata
-10pts each
+1 to maxinium unit size
poisioned ammo on rotor cannons, 10pts per model

avenger strike fighter
replaces hellstrike missiles with kraken turbo penetrators +5pts more
the autocannon and multi-laser options are -10pts

primus lighning fighter
no rad missile option on missile launchers

arvus lighter oribial shuttle
may be upgrade to carry a single castellax or 2 vorax battle-automata, but will then not be able to transport anything else for 20pts

heavy support
thanatar cynis/calix and krios battle tank squadrons

mechanicum land raider
name changed to macroarid expolorator
replaces heavy bolter with mauler bolt cannon and gains an augury scanner by default
loses TL heavy bolter and gravitron cannon options for replacing mauler gains conversion beamer, gravitron impolder and TL rad cleanser
volkite culverin and multi-melta options are now free
sponsons loses plasma cannons, quad heavy bolters, flamestorm cannons, and TL multi-melta options, gains TL mauler cannons and irradiation engines as sponson options
loses frag assault launchers
gains 'servo-rig' which allows transported models with the 'battlesmith' rule to use it on models within 3” of the vehicle. May also be fired as a shooting weapon with 3” str8 ap2

myrmidon destructors
+5pts each

Lords of war
imperial knights
all gain option for blessed autosimulacra who don't already have it for 10pts

warhound, reaver and warlord titans
no changes from book 5

Ordinaturs-minorus macro engine
rules are all over the net (including this forum) won't bother repeating them here

wargear changes
battle-automata power blades are now a single weapon, which is two handed, but confers +1 attack
shock chargers have additional bullet point stating their not actually melee weapons and don't confer the +1 attack like power blades do
maxim bolters renamed to maxima bolters

cybernetica cortex is little different
fire protocols is no longer part of 'programmed behaviour' meaning automata can fire 3 weapons at all times
models with cybernetica cortex are never scoring units, but still count as denial

will add proper sections on legio cybernetica and ordo reductor later.

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