Part two of the Dropzone Commander Command School articles takes on list planning for your battlegroups. This is vitally important, and I can't count how many times I wish I would of had grouped my battlegroups differently. Maximize them out, have one stall group (one that is geared towards stalling to see what the opponent does), and make them work together to maximize cards and play.

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Command school part 1 in case you missed it.

Command School, Part 2: Building Better Battlegroups
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Hello again, Commanders! Welcome back to the second part in our Command School series, covering the basics of building Dropzone Commander armies. Last week, we covered the theories of how to build balanced DZC armies, and this week we’ll get down into the weeds and talk about the most nuanced part of building an army – designing battlegroups.

The Art and Science of Battlegroup Composition
The real art of DZC army list building is planning battlegroups. The number and composition of your battlegroups determines your ability to act and react to your opponent during alternating actions, and so directly impacts your ability to win. However, they also need to fit the way you like to play: aggressive players may want to build “hammer” groups that are very focused on doing one thing very well, while players who are more cagey may want more generalist groups that spread capabilities throughout the list to give them maximum reaction ability. I tend to fall in the latter category, myself, but it all really comes down to personal playstyle.

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