This week's Gamerati topic is list building in Dropzone Commander. This at first was felt like a daunting task, but the more I got into it... and starting using FFoR the easier and quicker I learned the nuances of building a list.

The Commentor article breaks down lists into three sections. I wanted to stress one point that is what I consider essential to list building in DzC. Two squads of standard AA. By this I mean two units like Rapiers, Reapers, Phobos, or Kukris. The more I have experimented with other AA options the more I have lost dedicated or overloaded lists. So I basically start lists now with Commander choice, Favorite unit choice, and two support squads of AA. Then build the rest of it.

Here is more from Alex on list building.

via the Dropzone Commentor- The entire article can be read by following the link.
This week, I wanted to talk about building forces from your collections… a task that sometimes can be uniquely challenging in Dropzone Commander due to the battlegroup system. In this article, we’re going to discuss the fundamentals of building armies for Dropzone Commander, starting with some theory on how to compose a well-balanced force, and analyze a list I built to see how I cover all the roles necessary for victory on the battlefields of the 27th century.

The DZC Rule of Thirds
When looking at how to spend my limited points for a game, I start by spreading my army’s points using the “DZC Rule of Thirds”:

One-third of the army’s points to objective units, which will be used to win the game; typically, this means infantry and transports to get them around the field.

One-third of the army’s points to combat units, used to protect my objective units through offense and defense; anti-aircraft, armored units, gunships and heavies tend to sit here.

One-third of the army’s points to support units, which can help either the objective or combat units as needed. Commanders, Scouts, fast-movers, CQB specialists, Flame units, artillery, and the like fall in this category.

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