Chaos Marine codex coming very soon? The rumors are in force again that a CSM dex will be coming over the next few months. Not a lot of details yet, but a couple different people saying the same thing right now. Somewhere in the near future Tau and CSM is the word here.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via SlaveToDarkness on Bolter and Chainsword
Aahhhhh after I have done a bit of digging with a few people I have found out a few things... 
Some I cant say until I hear back from someone else (I dont want to look like a complete muppet) but I can say one thing, we ARE getting a dex, but not sure if its gonna be before or after Tau at the moment. But its done, not heard anything about new minis though (but then again I didnt ask). The person I am waiting to hear back from I trust 100% and its not the local GW manager. 
Just be patient guys, and if the other things I am waiting on turn out to be legit then you get to be happy smug bastards

Don't mind saying who my source is, I have a cousin who is an ex GW sculptor who still talks to people at the design studio, I'm not naming names though as I don't wanna cause any grief for people involved, and I'm not gonna push for info on every race, I only asked about Chaos because that's all I am interested in, couldn't care less about anything else tongue.png

If one of the things I am waiting to hear back on turns out to be true then I will be happy, though it's something I have hinted at a few times now and again for a few months now, though it was something that GW were thinking of doing, if they are then I will spill the beans. 

TheHairySorcerer20 on Bolter and Chainsword
we are getting a chaos marine dex soon.. Very soon indeed. AND we may or may not be getting a sorcerer conclave formation ;) Nothing better than throwing out 3 powers a turn at +1 strength for every sorcerer in the formation.. *Cough* 

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