The Space Wolf Codex was leaked early yesterday with some pics, and then late last night the Grot Orderly posted up another large set. They are in Spanish, but the images are there for you to see, and translate if you do not speak Spanish.

Grot Orderly is where you can find them. (they are in Spanish)

Some of the highlights I have seen so far from rumors include an extremely powerful Logan Grimnar, cheap Long Fangs, Rhinos and Razorbacks with their own entry in the codex under Fast Attack, and of course the new Venerable Dreadnoughts which can get a front facing 3++ (incredibly hard to take down).

Here is another set from through not from the leaks but from our anonymous sources here on the site. There are lots of cool stuff in here.

Please remember that these are rumors, and that the codex is now only a few days away.

via an anonymous source who has seen the codex.
Let's start with Björn,, 5+ invul. +1 to steal ini at the start of game. can exchange his assault cannon for the others at no point cost, +5 for laser iirc. Got 4 attacks at WS 6, but is ini 3.  Björn is AV13 yes. His warlord sage grants 12" bubble reroll morale and pinning. 

Another warlord trait grants outflank + cover improvement skill. I think it was stealth.

The finecast Wolf Herald is over the top imo.
WS 6, 4 HP, stormshield, frostaxe. Immune to all flameweapons and pyro psychic discipline. Warlord SAGE: All beasts and cavalry are stubborn, and 12" of him get furious charge. I don't think you take any extra options for him though.

Canis, just got his 2 claws, no invul, nothing.

Njal lost his storm. Can reroll one failed psy test per turn, and can reroll another if it is from the tempestas.

Arja Ironfist is no longer a unit uprade. He is an IC now ! Eteranl warrior, can still through his hammer at Str 10, 6". 

The Axe/shield dreadnought for the venerable upgrade, additional pts for axe/blizzard shield, which grants 3+ invul for his front armour.

Grey Hunters
Seargent can be upgraded to wolf guard
Can then be upgraded to terminator armour (These seargent upgrades are present for Blood Claws and long fangs too)
+2points for ccw per model.
Can take rhino, razor, drop and Stormwolf as dedicated transport.

Blood claws, same as before without that strange charge or shoot rule.
Can have wolf guard sergeant in terminator, same as Grey Hunters.

Sky Claws
Can have Wolf guard leader upgrades, but not terminator armour.

Wolf guard terminators start with power weapon. can upgrade to equip them with shields and hammers

There was also a strange item in the back section called healing herbs or something along the lines, it grants a 6+ feel no pain, but I couldn't find a unit with it or the option of taking it in the hurry.

Frostcannons can only be taken by dreads

Long Fang starts with ancient and 1 Long Fang.
Maximum of 6. Can not take the new flyer as dedicated.
Flakk missile upgrade.

New Psy discpline Tempestas

Primaris is like a Necron Telsa Weapon, for each 6 to hit you get 2 more hits.

I can not remember all of them. One grants shrouding. The other is like in the former codex with the 2 shootings profiles.
Another one is Str 3, Assault 2d6.

And Jaws, focused witchfire 18", warpcharges 2. MC auto pass ini test.

Helmet, reroll hits, and grants ignore cover
Armour of Russ, 2 armour, 4+ invul, -5 ini for enemy in challenge with this model.
Wolf gem ?s, furious charge and Rampage
Axe of Black death, +2str, ap 2, inwieldy, mastercrafted, if you are outnumbered, it grants +3 attacks.
A Bolter/stormbolter with hellfrost,

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