There are many different ways people are looking to run tournaments, and there is a full spectrum of differing alternative tournament rules out there right now. So lets take a look at one of them that was sent in.

I am covering more community news, ranging from side projects, experimental rules gaming groups are using, and sometimes just some cool model pics that are sent my way. The simple reason being that this is our hobby, and its not ran by any company or vocal  forum net ragers. Its time to cover the hidden corners of our hobby. If you have something interesting you think would make a great topic or some fantastic models to show off, please send it in.

via Maelstorm
We wrapped-up a very successful 40K Tournament using a new scoring method that levels the playing field.  Please take a look

Default Tournament Organizers - New Objective and Scoring method - Success!
Our tournament (23 players) using the new scoring method went off without a hitch! With a full 25% terrain on every table (including 2 and 3 level LOS blocking items) the new scoring method REALLY leveled the playing field. The uber-net-lists (Tau-Eldar) were balanced against take-all-comers lists!! An outstanding day of gaming!!

And for any doubters – Chaos Marines took 2nd and 3rd place with 2 significantly different lists; 1 list had single Heldrake, the other had just 2.

Scoring: All games are 5 turns or 2 hours.
Your forces are gathering data from ancient alien devices (3 or 5 objectives) spaced evenly on the battlefield. The alien data ports will become active on Turn 2 and burn out at the end of Turn 5 - never to be used again.

Primary Scenario Objective – BRB pg 123 plus the following:
Beginning in Turn 2, score +1 Victory Point for each controlled Objective at the end of your turn

Secondary Scenario Objective – BRB pg 122
+1 Victory Point Slay the Warlord
+1 Victory Point First Blood
+1 Victory Point Line-Breaker

Tabling your opponent:
If you table your opponent during the game: Continue with your movement phase and run phase (only) through Turn 5 to achieve Victory Points. Your Opponent is the judge for your movement. You only score points by achieving Primary and Secondary Objectives by the end of Turn 5.

If you are tabled:
You score any Victory Points achieved while you have models on the table.

Important Note:
You can be tabled and still win the game by scoring more Victory Points before the end of turn 5.

Bye round scoring:
If you get the Bye in a round you will score points equal to the average score of all winning players in the round.

We kept track of Wins/Losses/Ties to sort out any ties in the final scoring.

We used the basic Adepticon tournament rules framework, but inserted our new scoring method and the 5 turn limit. We did not use ANY of the basic 3 missions from the BRB. We adapted 3 missions from the Battle Missions book to fit 6th edition rules. We posted the missions 2 weeks in advance so players could test out their lists.

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