Ultramarines Ultramarines

Here are a few pics of a good friend of mine's army. I will add more later when I am n...

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12:36 AM

Deployment-practice makes perfect Deployment-practice makes perfect

Deployment. Its almost hilarious to spend hours on creating the list, even more hours building your...

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12:06 AM

List Building 103 List Building 103

In the previous articles, we've discussed purpose (a units job), and cohesiveness (units workin...

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10:12 AM

List building 102 List building 102

Number two in a series of list building. Class 101 was pretty simple, making sure all your units ha...

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1:25 AM

List building 101 List building 101

Yesterday I was discussing unit efficency vs spam. The blog took on a listbuilding mentality, and I...

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3:14 PM

Unit Efficiency vs Spam Unit Efficiency vs Spam

Mostly what we hear of is.... "This unit can do ____", "This combo can do_____"...

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8:53 AM

Playing warhammer 40k in 5th edition Playing warhammer 40k in 5th edition

Warhammer in 5th edition has changed drastically since 3rd edition. I somehow completely missed 4th...

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5:28 PM

Imperial Guard Army Imperial Guard Army

Here is my most current army. It is the Imperial Guard with my two inquisitors. The army is bu...

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3:42 PM

Starting something fun. Starting something fun.

Well, I often get tired of reading others blogs about this or that, or listening to rants that make no sense of anything. So here is my 2 ce...

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3:35 PM