Well, I often get tired of reading others blogs about this or that, or listening to rants that make no sense of anything. So here is my 2 cents. I have no mission statement, dont really care if anyone reads this blog. Its not about you. Its about me, and my 40k obession that has been going on for quite some time, and needs a place to vent, post, talk rules, etc. I have no patience for stupid posters here. You might be mentioned in this blog, either becuase you were a fun opponent, annoying to play against, or whatever other reason I have. (I will not use your name, so dont incriminate yourself) Please dont waste my time, and if you do check in here to read what is said, I will try not to waste yours.

Look for more to come. Articles about list building, tactics, dice, where to play, and everything else related to warhammer 40k.
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  1. So this is where it all began...XD

    1. Yeah deffinately. I had no idea this wasnt originally for rumors. Neat to see the evolution. Keep on at it!

    2. I kinda fell into my niche, rather than planning on it. The first several months of posts were nothing but tactical advice.

      The blog has progressed a lot. Starting this week there are even more changes coming...... some guest authors.

      It is strange to see how this blog has evolved, and will continue to evolve. There are a lot of things I have in the works.

  2. It's always cool to keep the humble beginnings around to reference.



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