Sunday, August 1, 2021

Rumors: Horus Heresy Rulebook, Compendium, and More.

What will be coming to the Horus Heresy? Well we have some early intel and rumors that you may like. Lets check them out!

via a great source on Faeit 212

Horus Heresy Rulebook
-Warhammer 40.000 7th Edition to the Core
-Unit Profiles with Keywords like 40k 8th and 9th Edition
-Three Ways to Play

Horus Heresy Compendium
-Formations and Units for all Horus Heresy Core Armies
-"Legion Tactics" for all 18 Space Marine Legions
-Munitorum Field Manual for Matched Play Points included

White Dwarf
-More "Core" Articles like Painting Guides, Batreps or Flashpoints