Saturday, July 31, 2021

What's On Your Table: My 40k ork boyz army

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I'm converting my 40k feral ork / wildboyz / snakebite army. So far it's really a lot of fun. Ofcourse i'm very happy with the New 40k releases.. i just love squigs..

I included some photos of my Kommandos. Some pictures of my tankbustas ( with a wheelbarrow filled with antitank mines), my ork boss and jumppack orks ( with wings + rokkets).

I have painted 50wildboyz and 10 bikers( boarboyz) and have so many ideas popping up in my head...  Nothing great, bust mostly funny stuff...

#loveconverting #orksarethebest #happywithourhobby

Thanks for informing us everyday and keeping us enthousiastic about our hobby..

Greetzz jan