Wednesday, February 27, 2019

GameFor App has New Features.

GameFor really is the best app out there for gamers. If you don't have it...... well GameFor is the app that will help you find not only gamers to play anywhere you go, but also find local game shops and now............ a Convention Finder!

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New features!

We've added several new features in the most recent update to GameFor

The biggest feature in the brand new version 5.0 update is the Convention Finder. This is an ever-growing list of game conventions in your local area that allows you to discover fun game cons to attend. Including dates, locations, descriptions, and web links, this finder is easy to use and you can add your convention listing to the finder for free! Update your app and look for it in the menu of the GameFor app or web portal.

New feature for Groups & Club members

Another new feature is the ability for Group & Club members to post group events. Previously only available to group admins and moderators, this ability allows group members to post gaming events in the club’s name, thereby taking some tasks off of the admin’s and moderator’s plates. This option is turned on (or off) by the admin(s) and is off by default.

Updates to the GameFor web portal

We’ve also updated the GameFor web interface - now you can log in (and not just access it in guest mode) and access many of the same features you currently have available to you in the app version of GameFor. Great for people without smartphones or people who just prefer a bigger screen.

See us @ GAMA Reno

Lastly, we’ll be at the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) Trade Show in Reno, Nevada this year - March 11-15, 2019. If you’re at the trade show, stop by booth #818 this year and say hello!