The images are out and about now and you can see what is going to be in the new premium box sets. It appears that we will see Space Wolves, Tau, Deathwatch, and the Adeptus Mechanicus for 40k, and Stormcast Eternals, Slyvaneth, Ironjawz, and Khorne Bloodbound for AoS.

via Chikout on Dakka;jsessionid=DD905C7F21688666583E23E67B5375D1
Here are the rumoured big discount boxes for this winter. The 40k ones are as in the picture (care of adeptus astartes in Facebook). 
No pic of the aos stuff but the contents are as follows: 
Stormcast - celestant prime, knight azyros, dracoth riders, 10 liberators. 
Slyvaneth - drycha, treelord 6 kurnoth hunters, 10 tree revenants. (This may be a mistake. It is a better deal than the rest) 
Ironjawz - megaboss, shaman, 10 brutes, 3 goregruntas, giant. 
Khorne bloodbound- skar, 3 juggers, blood warriors, bloodreavers, wrathmongers. 

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