Sunday, May 3, 2015

Deathwatch Genestealer Cult Standalone Game

This has been bouncing on the sidelines of the rumor mill the last day or so regarding what we had figured or were told was a Genestealer release and Deathwatch codex release. The latest is that he may have been mistaken in them being separate releases, and that they may be either a stand alone game, or a starter/campaign box.

While he says he may be have been mistaken on his original rumor.... my guess is that he is most likely mistaken for thinking he may have made a mistake.... (yea, my dry sense of humor)

Here is the latest rumors from Warseer.

via 75hastings69 on Warseer

Anyone here remember the little guessing game we had about releases?
Most of it can be found here.......

So you'll see in there the assassins game (correct)
HH Game (I guess time will tell  )

... and amongst the other stuff....

G/S Cult Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release)
Deathwatch Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release)

..... well, I may have gotten myself a bit confused about what these actually were, it seems we "may" be seeing these two as a combined set in some fashion, whether that's as another standalone game or as a "starter/campaign" set is yet unclear, although I'm going to assume that these would be unusual choices for a starter box.