Sunday, August 18, 2013

Faeit's Rumor Tarot: Breaking Fantasy and 40k, Space Wolves, Dark Elves and More

God-Emperor? Calling him a god was how all this mess started.
-Bjorn the Fell-Handed,    
The Emperor's Gift (Novel) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Each week, Faeit's Rumor Tarot will take a look at what rumors came up among the myriad of games that were covered here on Faeit 212. On occasion I will be breaking any weekend developments that were discovered or revealed, so keep a watch out, for on the Faeit's Tarot, you never know what secrets there may be.

Faeit's 40k Rumor Tarot is a weekly rumor wrap up, that includes links to the original article for each rumor, where often even more information can be found.

Breaking Rumors:
Fantasy and 40k, Space Wolves, Dark Elves and More

While Earlier in the week we were discussing rumors that I had put together to try and form a line up that makes sense. We have a rumor source chiming in on a rather detailed look at future releases, including both Warhammer Fantasy and 40k.

Some of the excitement that will sure to follow this is the first mention of Space Wolves.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
November will be Nidvember; Plastic Hive Guard Box released (corrected)

December: No coment, Hobbit and new Terrain

January: Ork Codex; Plastic Kommandoz & Warboss Plastic Kit

February: Dark Elves Armybook

March: Imperial Guard; three Plastic Kits for Steellegion & a Turretless Tank Kit, new Steellegion Character (no Yarrik!) Codex-Focus is Cadia & Armageddon

April: Breton Armybook

May: Space Wolves, there will be a 13th Great company & Thousand Sons Supplement parallel release near end of the Year Focus of the SW Supplement is the Fight again Tzeentch Forces

June: Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition with Empire vs. Orks & Goblins

Other Release Rumors

There were a couple other sources chiming in on the release schedule, and even though these come from different places, and conflict a little, its always worth taking a close look at them to get a good look at the over-all direction of rumors.

Here are two other sources chiming in on the release schedule from Friday.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212 (short and sweet)

orks release in march. 

via an anonyous source on Faeit 212
Next Year Warhammer Fantasy 9.Edition will have Empire versus Orks & Goblins.

Imperial Guard will release in March 2014 with Steel Legion Plastic Kits and a new Superheavy Tank base on the Baneblade. Baneblade & all other Superheavies will be in the Codex.

Chaos Gods: Supplements

We have heard that lots of rumors regarding Greater Daemons getting new models, and even some regarding supplements. This however digs further in, and gets into more rumors and whispers about the return of the Each God and those that serve them.

via Rumour Sauce over on Dakka Dakka
Im just going to lay this out nice and simple.

Chaos will be receiving some serious treatment very soon in the form of 4 new supplements, I do not have a release date (I couldn't even get an approximate) but what I could get was the following information about what the supplements will do...

- There will be 4 supplements released within short succession, possibly even all at once
- They will be called "The Book of Khorne", "The Book of Nurgle", "The Book of Tzeentch" and "The Book of Slanesh"
- They will work for both chaos space marines AND chaos Daemons in a very unique way
- each will have its own unique warlord traits and some new wargear options

I asked how they work for both codex and the example I was given was something along these lines..

Each book is designed to represent a combined force of daemon and marine all working in the will of their chosen patron, this will be done by allowing players to take units from BOTH Codex: Chaos Space Marines AND Codex: Chaos Daemons without the need to ally so long as they all follow the same god. For example in the book of khorne you can take any unit from either codex as long as it doesnt have Daemon of nurgle, slaanesh or tzeentch or mark of nurgle, slaanesh or Tzeentch.

Armageddon Supplement Releases

Armageddon and the Imperial Guard seem to be very central to the rumors this week, and it really starts to focus on a lot of Steel Legion in our future. If plastic Steel Legion models come our way...... just wow, I do not think I could resist.

A lot of supplements listed here.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
GW is planning a "re-release" of the 3rd edition Codex Armageddon! That will be a huge release for 40K "more than half a year away" according to my friend. It will include 5 supplements: Warzone Armageddon (scenarios), Supplement: Salamanders, Supplement: Steel Legion, Supplement: Ghazghull's Horde and Supplement: Orc Kult of Speed. Everything will be released in one wave.

Each supplement will be accompanied by a very limited number of new releases:
Salamanders - Special Terminator Squad combining Thunder Hammer and Storm Bolters (no shields). Has access to a special weapon that's a "pimped out mix of Heavy Flamer and Multi Melta"
Steel Legion - Griffon/Salamander combi kit, new Finecast characters
Ghazghull's Horde - Nobs in Mega Armour (Plastic), Orkimedes (Finecast)
Speed Freaks - War Buggy, Wazdakka Gutsmek (Plastic)

via an anonymos source on Faeit 212 (A response to the above rumor, more info at the link)
The Salamanders squad is for the pre-heresy book coming christmas.  They're modified tartaros pattern terminators.  Kind of like ornate "artificer" versions.

Imperial Guards will have access to all their tanks in plastic with the release of their new codex.

Nobz in Mega Armor and new War Buggies and Traks are getting new models with their new codex also.

Space Marines, White Scars, and Tyranids

Its very much a fact now that Space Marines are here, and there is a lot you can do to check the latest and greatest information on them. This rumor goes a little beyond the Space Marine line up, including a White Scars supplement, and of course, Tyranids. This is a particulary good source of information, and very reliable. With so many other separate sources and this one chiming on Tyranids, I think this one is very much in the bag for November now.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Most of the special characters have seen a points increase.

Grav weapons have a base strength against targets without an armor save.

SM will launch in September on it's own. White scars in October.

The October white dwarf preview tyranids for november.

The rumor flood gates on them will open pretty soon I suspect.

There's a big push for an ultramarine supplement to be released in November alongside the tyranid book in digital. Supplement will focus on the tyrannic war.

May be a warzone and not a codex supplement. Alternatively, this might mean that ultramarines get multiple supplements.