This morning there is a picture floating around showing a book with a label beneath it... 6th edition - 2012. There is a big question mark on the cover where a graphic should be. Take a look at the pic, which is no longer on facebook.

It is now being said that this pic was for a local stores display, but was quickly put up on GW's facebook page, and then taken down. Regardless if its real, relevant, or not, it is still an interesting find.

via Ruthven
GW just put that picture up on their facebook and now I can't find it anymore, it is still up on their Flikr account at the moment... Can anyone tell me what the Nid thing with all the things coming out of its head just to the lright of the question mark is? I can't find any model that looks like it in their model range or on forgeworld. New Nid model hidden in plain sight?
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