Terminator Chaplain Tarentus is Coming Saturday

Had a big keyboard failure this morning. Of all things. Regardless though the Terminator Chaplain Tarentus is coming this weekend to stores and the GW webstore, but will only be available through the end of the month.

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This new model is (as the name implies) a Terminator Chaplain who can be added to any army using Codex: Space Marines – which now includes Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, and the Deathwatch.* 

An HQ choice, a Terminator Chaplain brings a range of benefits that fit a lot of forces – starting with a Leadership of 9 and the appropriately titled Spiritual Leader ability that lets Core units from the same Chapter use that Leadership, making them even more likely to pass Morale checks. Keep your Terminator Chaplain at the heart of your formation to pass this benefit to as many units as possible, and your Space Marines will truly know no fear. 

The Chaplain’s Litanies of Battle can further enhance your army. He has the Litany of Hate, which allows nearby Core and Character units to re-roll missed melee attacks. He can also choose one other Litany from a selection of six to suit the way you want to play. If you’d like a friendly unit to hit even harder in close combat, try the Exhortation of Rage. If you’d rather stand back and shoot with terrifying accuracy, the Recitation of Focus is your friend.

ChapTarentus Oct19 Exhortation22nske

ChapTarentus Oct19 Recitation319sk3

The combination of Terminator armour and a Rosarius also makes the Chaplain extremely durable. A 2+ save makes small-arms fire a negligible threat, while the 4+ invulnerable save will protect him from high-AP armaments.

If you’re using a melee-oriented force – perhaps making use of the Assault Intercessors and Outriders from the Elite Edition and Command Edition boxed sets – the Chaplain adds even more hard-hitting close combat power. His crozius arcanum gives him +2 Strength on his three attacks, with AP -1 and 2 Damage per hit, allowing him to threaten a wide range of foes.

Meanwhile, the Chaplain’s combi-flamer provides highly effective mid- and close-range shooting. With the Terminator keyword, he always fires two shots with the bolter half, while the recent increase to the flamer’s range means heretics will be burning all over the place, as is only proper.

The model would make a great candidate for a Master of Sanctity, using the Chapter Command rules in Codex: Space Marines. This gives him an additional Litany of Battle and the ability to recite two each turn. The skull mask on the model is perfect to represent The Emperor’s Judgement Relic, which prevents re-rolls on attacks made against the Chaplain and makes enemy Morale checks nearby much harder to pass – which is pretty handy after your Master of Sanctity has just obliterated a bunch of foes with his crozius arcanum!

ChapTarentus Oct19 EmpsJudge83j1l3

You’ll be able to add Terminator Chaplain Tarentus to your Space Marines army on Warhammer Day – Saturday the 31st of October.** He’ll be available in stores and on the Games Workshop webstore

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  1. I sure wish they'd drop the whole "rolling for Chaplain bonuses" thing. At least a psyker can also DTW against enemy psykers, making their ability to fail a little less radical. The chaplain doesn't have any defensive utility capability, so rolling for its offensive buffs seems weird and out of place. Commanders don't roll for their buffs to activate.

    1. I kind of agree. I think that they maybe should have kept their litany of hate as a passive aura and be able to roll to add another effect or switch it out or something. Make the roll a 4+ if that's the case I guess