Questoris Knights Magaera and Styrix Preview

There are new Knights coming to Adeptus Titanicus, Questoris Knights Magaera and Styrix. While we did see them recently before WarCom takes a few moments to give us a preview and a look at their rules. 

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New Knights are coming your way for Adeptus Titanicus. Prepare to meet the Questoris Knights Magaera and Styrix.

Knights are a crucial element of Adeptus Titanicus battlegroups. Sure, the main spectacle of the game is colossal god-machines firing unimaginably powerful weapons at each other, but a canny princeps will make good use of their smaller allies. Some players even choose to forgo Titans altogether and take an entire Knight Household army.* 

In either case, you’ll want to consider adding some of the newest Questoris Knight patterns to your collection. Each of the two adds tactical options to your games. Let’s take a look!

Questoris Knights Styrix

Knights Styrix are armed for taking down Titan shields with the searing thermal rays of their volkite chieoroviles. These have the Voidbreaker (1) trait, meaning that enemy Titans must take an additional shield save every time this weapon hits. A banner of four Knights Styrix can quickly strip even a mighty Warlord of its void shields, making it easy prey for the heavier weapons in your battlegroup.

EngineKillMechanicumKnights Oct27 Image3sun

If you think the Knights Styrix are good at shooting, just wait until they sink their claws in you.  Hekaton siege claws roll 2 dice with a Strength of 6 and have the Rending trait, giving them a reasonable chance of causing Direct Hits – or worse – to smaller god-machines, and even Warlords are at risk of taking damage. The Concussive trait on the graviton guns that Knights Styrix mount on their carapace can cause more havoc by knocking enemy Titans around, and causing Knight Banners to be Shaken by the gravity of the situation!

Questoris Knights Styrix have the same characteristics and Structure points as other Questoris Knights, but have a few technological tricks to make them more survivable. With ionic flare shields reducing the Strength of incoming fire and Blessed Autosimulacra giving you a chance to restore lost Structure points, a full Banner of four Questoris Knights Styrix can withstand withering fire to pose a massive threat to enemy Titans and Knights alike.

EngineKillMechanicumKnights Oct27 Image4set

Questoris Knights Magaera

Knights Magaera complement their Styrix kin with lightning cannons that are great for following up against unshielded enemies. These have the Blast (3″) trait, allowing them to hit multiple foes, while Rending, coupled with a Strength of 5, means that there’s a reasonable chance of causing some harm to even the largest Titans. Smaller enemies will be in real trouble as arcs of energy tear them apart – which’ll be a shock to your opponent!

EngineKillMechanicumKnights Oct27 Image5loa

Carapace-mounted phased plasma-fusils add an extra two Strength 4 hits to an enemy unit within 3″ – while most Titans will laugh this off, it adds some bite against the enemy Knights who will likely be sent to intercept your Knights Magaera.

With the same Hekaton siege claws, ionic flare shields, and Blessed Autosimulacra as Knights Styrix, these two Questoris Knight patterns are extremely strong when used in concert. Give your opponent’s seemingly invincible Titans a one-two punch of volkite and lightning, then close in and let the siege claws give you that most satisfying of results – an Engine Kill!

These new Knights are coming soon.

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