November Preview Abhumans and Weapons- The Makers Cult

November Previews and teasers

Loads of weapon options are coming in November and more from The Makers Cult. Check out this months releases as well and once we get a full look at November we will be checking out what the full release will look like. 

November Release Preview

What to expect in November:

Part 1

  • Valour Korps - Sgt. Reinhard                                          (Brexitt)
  • Valour Korps - Sgt. Bernhard                                         (Brexitt)
  • TL / BK - Heavy and special weapons packs           (Garin)
  • TL / BK - Polearm and melee weapons packs         (Garin
  • TL / BK - Accessories and upgrade packs                (Garin)

Part 2

  • Valour Korps - Abhumans                                                (Brexitt)
  • Dark Techno Archeo-priest                                             (Sebtheis)
  • Deep Children - Abyssal Hybrids (guest maker)      (Corvus Obscurus)

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