Deathwatch Codex Preview: Rules

Getting Deathwatch to the table will soon be here with the release of a Deathwatch Codex Supplement.

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The Deathwatch will soon have a host of new tricks for hunting aliens thanks to their forthcoming codex supplement. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the rules that will help in slaying xenos from one side of the galaxy to the other.

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Deathwatch Doctrines

As with the First Founding Chapters and their successors, the Deathwatch have access to the Devastator, Tactical and Assault Doctrines. However, they get a new rule that gives them incredible flexibility around when each of these Doctrines is active.

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Facing some aliens that like to get in your face early in the battle? Select the Assault Doctrine in the first turn and show them the error of their ways with pistol and blade.

Engage Purge Protocols

One of the unique things about a Deathwatch army is the ability to form kill teams made up of different models. The codex supplement includes rules for four different types of kill teams, including two brand-new ones. If you prefer to be sneaky, you’ll want to choose the Spectrus Kill Team – it’s made up from warriors clad in Mk X Phobos armour and lets you take advantage of a range of abilities.

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Let’s just remind ourselves of those abilities from Codex: Space Marines.

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Use the mix of Infiltrators, Incursors, Reivers, and Eliminators to slip behind enemy lines and utterly destroy the foe. 

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This is the debut of a number of these units in Deathwatch armies, which is thanks to this Chapter having access to Codex: Space Marines for the first time. Long have fans of the Deathwatch called for some of the Primaris specialists to be added to their ranks. Well, the Emperor has heeded your prayers, and the following units can now be taken by the elite xenos hunters:

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Welcome to the alien-hunting party!

Top Tactics

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The codex supplement includes a host of new Stratagems that will help you slay the filthy xenos that stand before you. A number of these work against specific aliens, giving you the upper hand in your battles. For example, are you having trouble with those tricksy Aeldari? Don’t worry, there’s a Stratagem that can help you gun them down with ease.

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Use this to gun down any Aeldari that are attempting to sneakily hide from your deadly reprisals. Meanwhile, the Necron threat continues to grow as they awake with the plan to reclaim the galaxy. The Deathwatch certainly aren’t going to let that happen without a fight.

DWArmySpecialRules Oct28 Image4tur

Use this when you attack a Necron unit to ensure that they don’t get back up again. 

That’s just a little taste of the Stratagems inside the book – there are many to choose from, including more xenos-specific ones and others that can be used against any enemy.

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First-rate Relics

The vaults of the watch fortresses have been thrown open, and new relics are available for your army to select from. Want to increase the hardiness of your Warlord? Equip them with The Blackweave Shroud.

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Give this to your commander before a battle and watch them shrug off mortal wounds as if they were nothing more than a scratch.

All in the Mind

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The Deathwatch get a new psychic discipline – Xenopurge. Despite its name, the powers are just as effective against non-xenos. If you’re up against a foe that is focused on close combat, unleash a Neural Void to rob them of some of their potency. 

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Use this when an enemy unit is setting up a charge so that they have to attack a tough unit such as a cunningly positioned Dreadnought or Terminator Squad.

The new Deathwatch codex supplement is available to pre-order from Saturday. In the meantime, pick up a copy of Codex: Space Marines so that you’re ready to build the ultimate xenos-hunting force.

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  1. I absolutely loathe the supplements; I had one self-contained codex before, now I have to buy two books for one army, and GW is trying to tell me that it's an improvement?! What reason, other than a blatant money grab (which just means I'm going to be able to buy less models, at best) can they have for folding parts of one army into another book? Now I have to carry two books around, reference two books, etc. Even if the cost of doubling the number of dex's I have to purchase was a moot point, it's still a PitA to deal with two books. It was stupid when they did it in 8th and before, it's stupid now, and trying to make it sound like an improvement is lunacy. You want to add access to a few units? Great, just copy/paste the additional datasheets. I'll happily pay the same price for a complete DW dex as the SM dex, instead of paying full price for one I'll use a fraction of and a supplement to make it functional. Yeah, yeah, it's GW; I should be used to it after all these years. But this is just not the year to be unnecessarily sticking it to customers.

    1. They're doing it so you sign up for their digital service and they can sell your data for extra $$$.

    2. Like I said, and I agree; money grab. Just frustrating that I'm not a tournament player, but it's still pay to play every year. One thing if it was just a dex and rulebook, but two dexs, massive changes that require new purchases to make my previous army playable....grrrrrrrr, lol.