Deathwatch Codex Leaks

Quite a bit is leaking out for the new Deathwatch Codex Supplement. Warlord Traits, Stratagems, and so much more.

The full set of leaks
via imgur

A few examples below.

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  1. That gravis kill team has some wasted potential. They should have brought back either one or both of the Aggressor's abilities if the kill team contained atleast one aggressor.

    I remember when they were released in 7th. All I can think was "now THIS is what space marines are". They still died like flies but they hit so fast and so hard with an insane amount of synergy with each other when grouped in a kill team. It was the epitome of space marine doctrine and combine arms perfected. Hell, the 7th ed DW codex was the last codex that encouraged personalization and the DW veterans were the last "true" 40k models for space marines in that you had the freedom to model and arm your minis however you like.

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