Deathwatch and Space Wolves Codex Incoming! + Imperial Armour Compendium

Its a big 40k Weekend Coming up with the Deathwatch and Space Wolves codex coming! Alongside that Forgeworld will have its big compendium coming as well!

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Need some aliens hunted? Time to call the Deathwatch, of course! Their new codex supplement is the ultimate book for anyone interested in the Deathwatch in the Era Indomitus. It includes a detailed background section and Chapter-specific rules that build on those in Codex: Space Marines so that you can field this Chapter on the tabletop. It also features bespoke Crusade rules and new Kill Teams – no matter what alien threat you are facing, you’ll be able to purge them. It’s available in both standard and glorious collector’s editions.

Alongside the codex comes a set of datacards and some Deathwatch dice. The datacards will easily let you keep track of your Stratagems and psychic powers, while the dice prove that you’ve made your vow to take up the Long Vigil.

The Deathwatch are also getting a new boxed set. This is the first in a range of releases that include a Combat Patrol-sized force straight out of the box – whether you want to start a Deathwatch army or add to an existing one, this box is an ideal way to do it.

SundayPreview Oct25 CIT Content5k

The fierce warriors of Fenris will also receive a new codex supplement. Along with the sagas of the legendary Chapter, Codex Supplement: Space Wolves includes datasheets for fielding their many unique units in games and specific Crusade rules. If you want to unleash the most savage Chapter of Space Marines upon the 41st Millennium, you’ll need this mighty tome. It’s available in an incredible collector’s edition as well as a standard hardback.

The Space Wolves get their own datacards, allowing you easy reference to your Chapter-specific Stratagems and psychic powers. There are also some new Space Wolves dice – so much easier than having to carve your own from krakenbone.

Codex Supplement: Space Wolves includes the rules for a brand-new unit, the Hounds of Morkai, who are also getting a multipart plastic kit. This is a dedicated psyker-hunting pack equipped with runic totems to protect them from evil magicks before they close in and slay the witch.

SundayPreview Oct25 CIT Content14z

A Combat Patrol box for the Space Wolves is the ideal start to a Great Company or a way to add to an existing one. Packed with a choice selection of units, this box will get your army writing their own sagas in next to no time.

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Available for both of these Chapters, and anyone else that uses Codex: Space Marines, are the Outriders. They have already made their debut in Warhammer 40,000 in both the Warhammer 40,000 Command Edition and Warhammer 40,000 Elite Edition boxed sets, but they’re now coming out separately for the first time. If you want to add more bikes to your armies (Ravenwing and White Scars players, we’re looking at you here), this is a perfect time.

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Two of the 41st Millennium’s greatest heroes are getting released next week too. Initially seen in the Prophecy of the Wolf boxed set, Ragnar Blackmane and Ghazghkull Thraka (along with his pet grot Makari) will be available individually for the first time. They are both incredible in battle, and the amazing models will delight collectors and painters alike. Whether you want to lead the noble Space Wolves or command the largest Waaagh! the galaxy has ever seen, you’ll want to grab these miniatures.

Next week sees the all-new Citadel Painting Handle go on pre-order. If you’re looking for the most stylish and ergonomic way to hold your models while you paint them, then look no further! The new design makes it even easier to paint every last part of your miniatures.

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Friday sees the Imperial Armour Compendium available for pre-order – featuring 191 updated datasheets for Forge World models in Warhammer 40,000. The book also includes a code which allows you to get all of the data in Warhammer 40,000: The App. If you’re a fan of massive war machines, destructive monsters, or grimly determined Astra Militarum regiments, then this book is for you.

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For Necromunda, a new Rogue Doc is on the way. Unlike most of his medical peers, Doctor Arachnos likes to head out into the underhive to fight alongside gangs and pick up spare (body) parts for his operations. He can join any gang, so hire Doctor Arachnos if you need some medical support.

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  1. A Phobos armored unit exclusive to Wolves was a pleasant surprise.

    1. Though we all knew the army specific Primaris units would start coming eventually....

    2. Well, it does just rather look like a 5 man reiver unit with a primaris upgrade pack TBH......
      I have a reiver squad I rarely use, so hope rules interesting.....

  2. I'm a bit disappointed (and surprised) the separate release of the Outriders is the same Easy to Build kit in the starter sets.

    1. Yeah seems like due to the kit not having any new weapon options didn't need to update the kit

  3. R. I. P. Kill Team
    The death watch combat patrol looks suspiciously like the start collecting space wolves...