White Dwarf Rules for Creating a Warband from Hammerhal

Hammerhal is making its debut with rules coming in the latest White Dwarf. The preview below gives you ideas an concepts so that you can take a look at what is coming right around the corner.

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Issue 456 of White Dwarf is packed with content, including rules for a brand-new Warcry warband representing one of the Mortal Realms’ most popular factions – the Cities of Sigmar! With the rules in the new issue, you’ll be able to field a warband from Hammerhal.

The Units

As befits the dizzying diversity of Hammerhal, the warband in White Dwarf has a number of fighters available, representing a range of freeguilders alongside some carefully chosen aelven and duardin allies. Specialists like Ironbreakers are ideal for holding the line while a variety of ranged units allow you to pepper the other warbands you encounter at long range. Woe betide the warrior who suffers a critical hit from a Marksman with Long Rifle…

With 18 different fighter types to pick from, you’ll be spoiled for choice! This diverse roster of units is backed by an equally diverse mix of abilities.

The Abilities

As you would expect from the collaborative spirit of the Cities of Sigmar, the Hammerhal warband has abilities that reward you and your fighters for battling in close formation. Working together, your warriors will be able to bring down terrifying targets, with key options like Form Shieldwall and Righteous Purpose allowing even a lowly Freeguild Guard to punch well above his weight. 

But what brings a group of fine folk from Hammerhal to the gore-strewn Eightpoints? 

The Campaign

The bespoke campaign in this issue has your warband hunting an endless spell called Cinder Johann in service of a magister back home. It offers unique challenges and powerful rewards for those brave enough to complete it, such as the Innovative command trait. 

Secure rules for your Hammerhal warband in White Dwarf 456, available to pre-order now.

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