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Sergeant “Ripper” Jackson.... Available through Made to Order


Sergeant Ripper Jackson was originally planned to available at your local Warhammer Stores only, which is she is currently now. However for a short time........ she is available online "Made to Order". This is great news. 

via WarCom

Sergeant “Ripper” Jackson is one of the most characterful Astra Militarum models ever released, and now everyone has a chance to secure one for themselves. 

This awesome model has been on sale in Warhammer stores since the 12th, and we know loads of you have had a great experience stopping by your nearest Warhammer store to pick one up.  

With COVID-19 still rearing its ugly head though, we’re aware many of you can’t simply visit your nearest store. We’ve got your back! Right now she’s available via Made to Order on for a limited time! 

So, if you want to order Sergeant “Ripper” Jackson from the safety of your own home, get on it right now!  

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  1. I wish they had done this with the Colonel.... I wanted the Colonel.
    This face sculpt is awkward.

  2. For $35 do you get face, arm and alternate body poses? Because you used to pay that for an entire squad.

  3. ok, i guess i have to be "that guy". is this a female abusing steroids or a male in transition?