Necron Codex Preview of the Destroyer Cult


Its a little ways off yet but getting a chance to see what is coming for Necrons is a good thing. Here is a codex preview from WarCom

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Warhammer 40,000: Indomitus introduced a number of brand-new units for the Necrons, two of which belonged to the Destroyer Cult – the Skorpekh Lord and Skorpekh Destroyers. With more Destroyers on their way soon with the new codex, we thought it was the perfect time to investigate more about the nature of the Destroyer Cult, and why some Necrons fear it to be a curse that will ultimately doom them all. Oh, go on, then – we’ll show you some new rules too!

Rise of the Destroyer Cult

The Necrons of the Destroyer Cult are hate-fuelled harvesters of the living, obsessed with the eradication of all sentient beings. The murderous insanity of the Destroyers drives their every thought. They task the Crypteks with modifying their bodies to turn themselves into optimised killing machines.

Quite what first caused some Necrons to show the defining degradation of psyche upon reawakening from their slumber, none can truly say. However, considering that Destroyer Cults have emerged on seemingly every Tomb World, it appears to be a common flaw – and disturbingly so. Worse still, its touch is spreading faster through Necron society than ever before, and some who never previously showed any signs are now succumbing to the affliction.

Destroyers stand apart from the Necron phalanxes who are so unquestioningly obedient to the Necron nobility, for their madness is such that they answer to no-one. On the battlefield, Destroyers are utilised as brutal shock troops, not so much commanded by the noble in charge as unleashed upon their prey. Yet even this act is not done so lightly, for once all their organic victims lie slain, who then will the Destroyers turn their insatiable murder-lust upon?

Destroyer Sub-cults

In the new codex, the Destroyer Cult has branched out into four distinct types – the blade-wielding Skorpekhs, the subterranean, segmented Ophydians, the gunfighting Hexmarks, and the floating weapons platforms that are the Lokhust. As you’d expect from a mass-murder machine, each form of Destroyer is brutally effective in its chosen form of death-dealing, though they also share a common ability that gives them an additional edge when making attacks.

What’s more, the damage output of Destroyer units is even more consistent when in range of their alphas – the fallen nobles that are Skorpekh Lords and Lokhust Lords – thanks to the United in Destruction aura ability.

If you picked up a copy of Indomitus, or the Elite or Command Edition Starter Sets, you’ll no doubt be very familiar with the devastating killing power of Skorpekh Destroyers. And if you saw our mega preview, The Codex Show, you’ll also have seen the datasheet for the Ophydian Destroyers. BUT, you’ve yet to see the grievously powerful weaponry with which the souped-up Lokhust Heavy Destroyer will be decimating its hapless prey!

Well, here you go – these things kick out some 
serious firepower!

Destroyers in Crusade

The faction-specific Crusade rules in the upcoming edition of Codex: Necrons include some fantastic examples of the impact that the Destroyer Cult is having on the dynasties. It’s even possible for a Necron Lord or Overlord to permanently succumb to the Destroyer curse with this unique Requisition.

Another wonderfully thematic addition is the Mindless Reaper Battle Scar, which sees a Destroyer Cult unit descend even further into ultra-violent psychosis, which is both a blessing and a curse.

We’ll be looking into the Necron faction more over the coming weeks as we draw nearer to the launch of their new codex. 

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  1. "Heavy 3D3 at S7, AP -1 and 1D" is not serious firepower. In no way shape or form is that serious firepower. It's not even an autocannon. Blast only does anything for it if it's more than 10 models, too. It's a joke and I have no idea what they are thinking putting that on a heavy weapons platform.

    The other gun I like though. I don't think it's very good with being single shot and basically all vehicles having an invulnerable save anyway, but I like it.

    1. The enmitic exterminator is obviously an anti-horde weapon. Not everything in this game is MEQ yet, you know.

      The gauss destructor packs a serious punch, it just doesn't seem very reliable with it.

    2. I mean, an average of 6 shots with AP-1 just isn't a good option against anything, horde or not. That's an average of what? 3 dead Gaunts/Cultists/Guardsmen? Come on. Even less if you actually shoot at slightly tougher hordes like Plague Bearers.
      I don't know what the points on that option will be, but if it's more than like 60, which should be a given with the leaked profile of the Lokhust Destroyer, it's still absolutely useless.

    3. Its definitely better than the "Heavy" Gauss Cannon, which is basically a lascannon with one more ap and less range

  2. Replies
    1. LMAO

      Yeah, I *really* don't like the design aesthetic of the new destroyer units and THAT is one reason why that didn't occur to me until just right now. Thank you.

    2. I like the chonky design to be honest, but it's certainly a matter of taste. I'd never have considered getting one of the old Destroyers because of how bad I thought they looked, but this one I kinda like.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Really? I love the classic destroyers. They are outdated af but have such an iconic design. Sleek and deadly as opposed to the new potatoe barge style. I also love the old wraiths so it's awesome that they're making a return as a new type of destroyer.

  3. Designed by the Astartes loving GW. If Marines would have wielded that Enmitic Exterminator it would probably have been something like Heavy 2D6 AP-2 D2. It's a real joke and as mentioned above blasts only have an effect on more than 10 man units..

    1. Read the rules again. Blast weapons are affected by 6-10 models (at least 3 shots) or 11+ (maximum shots). I assume that in the case of 3d3 this means a minimum of three per dice... so shooting, for example, a blob of hellblasters yields you 9 shots. Not bad!

    2. Ok, I checked again, you're right... this is a serious issue and bad RAW (once again). 3d3 implies 3 projectiles, so they should profit from 6-10 models just as 1d3. What BS.

    3. Blast is per weapon, not per dice, isn't it? It does absolutely nothing for a 3D3 weapon against 6-10 models, since all it does is guarantee 3 shots.

    4. It guarantees a minimum of 3 shots. In this case you'd roll all 3 dice and if the result is less than 3 it will still count as 3. I think that's how it works atleast, and if it is, then yeah it is useless here as the minimum of 3d3 is 3 as people have already mentioned